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January 18, 2005

Molson Patriots, call girls, and more

In this from Canadian blogger Joel Fleming, a well-written look at "moral cripples" Fleming defines as "Molson Patriots" — people who define Canada as "Not America." It’s the first of three parts, and I for one salute him for writing it.

He also links to a Pakistani story of a lunatic fringe professor up there who claims the U.S. military and State Department both had advance warning about the tsunami.

Oh, yeah. Here’s another Flemingesque foray into academia I think you'll like.

Based on my own experience, people my age have no business deciding the future of this country. Obviously there's the knee-jerk socialism inculcated by public schooling, and Canadian media. It seems to be a passing attachment, however, and is often shaken by getting a job, and realizing that earning money is hard work, and is remarkably unrelated to the unquestionably sordid practice of stealing from poor people.

More pernicious, and ultimately, in my view, far more dangerous - should my generation ever locate their polling stations - is a poisonous, systemic anti-Americanism. The young people I know hate the United States, and hate Americans. Many people have seen the infamous poll released last June which indicated that 40% of Canadian teens viewed America as "evil." Many people were surprised by the results. So was I.

I thought the number was low.

(Hat tip to Bounder of Adventure.)


This story from The Guardian about the Knights Templars caught my attention. It seems the Templars have issued a demand that the Vatican apologize for prosecuting them in the 14th Century — and, evidently, the Vatican is giving serious consideration to the matter.

The Wikipedia entry on the Templars also mentions that Pope Clement V did issue a secret pardon for the Templars, which was found by a Dr. Barbara Frale in The Secret Vatican Archives. But the Wikli reference on the Chinon Parchment is just "a stub," a tantalyzing reference without further details.


BoingBong has this one about a Florida call girl ring which used an unsecured message board---and Google got all the text.

Also at BoingBong, a link to a site listing people who were fired from work for blogging...106 so far...and the companies which fired them, or those who threaten and discipline bloggers. Notably, Microsoft was #5 on that list and merely "lined out," not removed entirely. And then there's Delta, Starbucks, and Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine (who canned an office girl who was hooking on her lunch hours).

Gee. D'ya think some of the ones who got fired just might have given good cause for separation?

And one more for the road, with this link to a different sort of Asian mail-order bride site.... (Hat tip: Beautiful Atrocities.)

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