April 08, 2006

Scene of the crime

It's now going on about two years since I first started this blogging thing. You'll notice from the dates of entries here that I haven't been exactly steady at it.

Can't quite point to just one or even a handful of reasons why. I haven't been avoiding commentary, but due to health and family and laziness issues, I just haven't made many comments HERE.

Last time around it was the Grunge, a really vicious cough and overall nasty health situation that I had to wait out while it finally ran its course. Then the death of my uncle Lester, which hit me very hard, and a few months later the death of my father as well.

In there also were other interests, including other writing projects too long for even this blog --- more bad health --- and my general unwillingness to eat up bandwith here to warehouse items which ethically belong on my own site, the one I finally got back as my own --- but now can't link to THIS site except through a change on my main page THERE.

Sounds weird? You bet. I used to have www.weaselteeth.com, which used to be at a different host. But that host folded and I had to tough it out until a certain number of months had gone by and then I could put in a bid for my own web site URL, using a different host.

OK, so I did all that. And waited. And waited. And finally I got that site back, but GoDaddy.com screwed me absolutely silly by refusing to allow links to any search engines or blog registry services. I can write anything I want to at their site, at my original URL of http://weaselteeth.com, using substandard blogging software I wouldn't wish on a brain-dead goat. But none of the regular services can even find it. The TruthLaidBear for one must think I'm lying dead in a ditch some place, and I for one really can't blame them.

In short, one of the reasons I'm even writing this is to HOPE that someone sees this at all.

Kinda-sorta-maybe discourages anyone from putting in any effort at all (serious or unserious), if nobody reads what they say. (We'll discuss the ego thing at some length elsewhere, but any blogger though knows that audiences build writers enthusiasm. Symbiosis and all that sort of ten-dollar psychobabble.)

So it's a case of holding several loose ends in each hand, as I return here to the scene of the crime --- the last place I had a "legitimate" blog (although the name was required to change until I got back the old URL.

It also has Movable Type (which never thrilled me much, but at least the trackers could track it). Maybe, just maybe, they may even note this one post. And particularly note my repeated use of the phrase....

GoDaddy screwed me.
GoDaddy screwed me.
GoDaddy screwed me.

Thank you for allowing this screed to come into your computer. I'll get back to you on how to make comments, but for now I am closing all comments and trackbacks, after removing 800 of the former and 1300 of the latter. I do not want nor do I need Viagra, penis extenders, bestiality site links, or reminders that I too can become a millionaire if I only learn how to play Texas Hold-em (which I assume is a card game for touchy-feely poker fans).


Posted by WT at 01:56 PM