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February 12, 2005

Low moan from the Divan of Doom

Thus far, January and February have shown me there is a lot of truth in the phrase “sucked down to a lingering doom.” Here I’m in the fifth week of the year, have already been to the emergency room, and gone under the surgeon’s knife, and I’ve apparently lost all ambition in writing here.

Seasonal affective disorder, maybe. One gunmetal gray day too many, gazed upon from the turrets at Weasel Central. Or ennui. Or despair. Can’t overlook the despair. A slow decline in overall health, where I now no longer leap tall buildings (and you can keep the single bound). The red cape and blue tights went into the dry cleaner’s, and I haven’t even bothered trying to find the claim ticket, I’m too busy just trying to get out of bed.

The VA doctors kept trying to get me to take an influenza shot they offer every year, and I wasn’t having any of that. Here—have our Typhoid Mary Special. One jab and you’ll be sicker than you’ve ever been in your life. So I didn’t take it, and I still got sick, not the flu but something they called The Grunge, because they went to med school to learn all the names for these things, and I just went to my deathbed, convinced I would never be whole again.

Anger doesn’t help anything. I can rant and rail, froth and moan, but I still have no energy and precious little desire for anything else. Not even politics has stirred the juices, and, frankly, this has been a pretty good couple of weeks to get stirred.

Eason Jordan at CNN—gone. One anti-military claim too many, and the Pajamahadeen sitting there filing its teeth, ready to apply the Big Bite. Maybe not as sexy as bringing down Dan Blather, but hey, a news executive from CNN still beats bitch-smacking some little goon over at Demozombie Underbelly. And of course the same thing for the phony injun, Ward Churchill, who is systematically being boned, fileted, and lovingly gift-wrapped to send chunks of him to all the lying asshats who faked their own credentials to get the academic jobs they have.

Everything else? Sheer puffery. The Dems screamed that Social Security was in a shambles and had to be fixed—and then the GOP took it up and suddenly the Donks say we are just splendiferous in that area, don’t fix a freaking thing. Hmmm. I’m a tough sell in that department, watching how the S.S.I. program got added on for people that have paid nothing or nearly nothing into the system.

Everybody yelling about national debt, and the White House now offering a plan to hack away at a few of the surface trimmings, all to the tune of about one (that's a big numeral 1) per cent of the total. I am not an economist, but it seems odd they want to fix everything by switching from Godiva chocolate to say the next most expensive brand, and not just start axing the worst of it like Amtrak subsidies, and be done with it.

Me, I’m not shy about where to start. Shut down the departments of Energy, Commerce, Education, and the vast bulk of the EPA. You want to clean up brownfields, or finish the Yucca Mountain nuke repository? Fine. Get it done. But don’t waste our time and money saving animal or bird species at the expense of the people who can better use the land. You want alternative energy programs? Great. Then tell Ted Kennedy and John Treason Artist Kerry to stop blocking the windmill system that was supposed to go in to the Cape Cod area where they keep their mansions. Get education firmly back into the hands of the individual states, and if necessary break every finger Big Gummint has and get them the hell out out of screwing small businesses, where the majority of jobs are created.

Lying on my Divan of Doom this last month or so, I get really optimistic about such things. As in, ain’t gonna happen and I know it ain’t gonna happen, but for some reason it just does me good to do a few stray primal screams and get it out of my system.

Now where did I put the damn Kleenex?

Posted by Weaselteeth at February 12, 2005 10:17 AM


It's about time! I'll get you some more Kleenex, dear. ;)

Posted by: naleta at February 12, 2005 01:22 PM

The Grunge? Never heard of that one; is that an official disease? I thought it was a fashion statement.

Hope you and Naleta are back up to par soon. Take care of yourselves ~ and each other.


Posted by: LadyBug at February 12, 2005 02:38 PM

Some people will do anything to promote a book, or a blog. Getting sick seems a bit over the top though, especially with the better half catching it too. Hell, you've got enemies over at AT&T cheering for the bugs, for chrissakes. That oughta make you feel better.

Posted by: Gravelpit at February 13, 2005 09:24 PM

The Grunge? Never heard of that one; is that an official disease? I thought it was a fashion statement.
Buggy, if this is a fashion statement, the sawbones can have it with my blessing. I've never been so damn tired in my life, from such little reason to even BE tired.

Hell, you've got enemies over at AT&T cheering for the bugs, for chrissakes. That oughta make you feel better.
Oddly enough, it does, Grav. Thanks for the grin.

Posted by: WT at February 13, 2005 09:31 PM

You're welcome. BTW, your writing skills are just fine, even it you aren't.

Posted by: Gravelpit at February 13, 2005 10:23 PM