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January 02, 2005

Happy holidays, oui?

Yeah, I know. I got way behind in reading a few of the blogosphere's better offerings. Over at Hubs and Spokes, for example, there's a quote from Jonah Goldberg worth noting....

Ah, Christmastime. Joy to the world. God bless us, everyone. Through the rapturous din of carols and chimes, a stray condemnatory note can be heard, chastising the yuletide revelers for being too materialistic, too concerned with gifts that come wrapped in pretty paper and shiny bows. Who can help but sympathize with such concerns as the groaning hoards of shoppers appear like Huns outside the doors of Wal-Mart? That is why I am so grateful for a special Christmas present — holiday present if you must — for the whole world. No mere thing or shiny bauble, this present is an idea, glowing with an ecumenicism that fires the mind and illuminates the heart, uniting nearly all mankind in fellowship. What idea is that? Why, the total destruction of France, of course.

Can we find any better reason to decant a split of our favorite Michigan or California bubbly, for this wondrous, festive occasion?

Posted by Weaselteeth at January 2, 2005 06:16 PM


Colour me gobsmacked: there's Michigan bubbly?

Posted by: Damian at January 5, 2005 03:45 PM

Aha! The proprietor of Babbling Brooks (and a bemused observer of all things French in our neighboring Canuckistan! Welcome to my little spider hole on the net (where I have added you to the blogroll).

Yes, I am told that somewhere in Der Mitten State is a wine company selling home-brewed champagne. I only heard it in passing, but suspect it's probably St. Julian's. I hope they don't have to recall it in the same quantity the Big 3 has had to do with their cars this year.

But hey, if I can pronounce the label, I'm still ahead of the game. I think.

Posted by: WT at January 5, 2005 08:56 PM