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January 09, 2005

Al Franken's Rumsfeld death-threat

Over at The Black Republican, Al Franken and Chris Matthews get taken down for their respective failures as human beings. It seems that Friday night on Matthews’ Hardball liberal love-fest, Franken bragged about being approached in Iraq by a serviceman who claimed he wanted to kill Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld—and did nothing to report it.

Al Franken Conspirator

On tonight's broadcast of the Hardball with Chris Matthews show, Al Franken, the one-time funnyman turned anarchist, related that during a USO tour to Iraq a US serviceman confessed to him that he/she would shoot Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld if given the chance. Franken was obviously gleeful as he told this story, and never mentioned that he took any action to report the murderous intentions of the soldier. One does not need think for long to call to mind former servicemen who have gone on to murder after their military service ended; Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, and John Allen Muhammad are examples of murderers who changed history and may have been stopped beforehand if someone had taken note of their abherent attitudes and responded seriously.

Mr. Franken, who is not a serious man, has taken this death threat lightly, (he was using it as evidence that he is better liked by some troops than is the President), and should be considered a co-conspirator in a murder plot against a sitting Secretary of Defense during a time of war until, he delivers the name of the soldier who made the threat. If it turns out the incident did not happen, and there is no soldier who made such a statement to Franken, then Franken should be prosecuted for making such a threat himself; as it would then be obvious that the invention of the fictious soldier was in fact a projection of Franken's own intent.

Either way, Franken should be in FBI custody at this very moment and he should be interogated as viciferously as is legally possible until the truth is fully known.

Additionally: It is illustrious of Chris Matthews' limited abilities as an interviewer of conscience that he did not immediatley call upon Mr. Franken to explain the actions he (Franken) took to report the conversation. Matthews, were he a serious man, would have recognized the danger in the story and would have demanded to know who made the threat, and to know that it was being properly dealt with by the authorities. However, Mr. Matthews is not a serious man, and he dropped the ball on this one. But that is nothing new for Matthews.

Nobody seriously expects that liver-lipped tub of guts Matthews to do anything even remotely close to responsible journalism, after his tangle with Michelle Malkin a while back. But the real onus does lie on Franken, and for the reasons given above. Had this been for real, who better than someone fully trained in current weaponry (and with access to the target) to even possibly carry it off?

It isn’t difficult to imagine some malcontent whose reserve unit got extended, or some bone-brain with more bile than sense, making such a threat. It ain’t John Wayne stuff here, it’s a collection of some superb human beings mixed in with people who can get just as carried away with a reputed celebrity like Franklin as they would a chance to hear Bob Barkey yell, “Come on down!”

But in point of fact, the military code does not include blowing away your Constitutionally mandated civilian leadership.

I’d dangle Franklin by his ankles out the belly of some Huey, directly over the Washington Monument, and tell him about chiseled granite suppositories until he finally decides to ’fess up what really happened here. But that’s about as likely as Chris Matthews ever asking anything serious from people with whom he is hardwired biologically to agree.

Posted by Weaselteeth at January 9, 2005 01:30 AM


Matthews has gone off the deep end in the last year or two. Whether it was his berating of Michelle Malkin, his brown-nosing of John Kerry or his constant fawning over the return of Bill Clinton, he's basically made little effort in recent months to cover up his liberal leanings.

As for Al Franken, he's a spiteful little troll. Between tackling the guy at a rally or getting into verbal altercations, he's months overdue on someone socking him in the chops. Now that I would pay to see on tv.

Posted by: Mixed Humor at January 10, 2005 02:49 AM